Go Noodle: Blog Hop and Giveaway!

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Does this look familiar to you all? Have you had to make this face more than once in a matter of minutes? If so, then it might be time to GoNoodle
Have you worked like a dog into the evening and early in the morning to prepare for a lesson and still realize you’ve forgotten something? If so, then it might be time to GoNoodle.
Have you gone all day, peeking your head outside the classroom, just praying someone will walk by and keep your kiddos occupied, just so you can use the restroom? 
If so, it’s definitely time for GoNoodle
Because I’ll tell you what my friends, Ryan Gosling isn’t going be there for your bathroom break. 
If you don’t GoNoodle, then you must check it out! I started using GoNoodle last year in my classroom and my kids were hooked.  GoNoodle is a one stop shop for brain breaks throughout your day. There are videos for calming your kiddos down, as well as videos to get those wiggles out.  There are so many reasons to use GoNoodle throughout the day, but teacher sanity is most important! 
So why GoNoodle?
 Y’all, our job is hard! Very, very, very hard.  There usually isn’t a minutes rest, and keeping sane is a miracle! After a million questions, students talking over you, and just blank stares throughout the day, sometimes you just have to take a deep breath, turn on the laptop and find a fun video.  Sit back, relax and let your students go.  Have you ever watched a 6 year old dance? It will change your mood in a minute.  Better yet, watch a little person do yoga.  Hilarious!!! 
  I don’t know about you but I’m a kill em’ with kindness kind of girl. I believe that building rapport with students is so very important. I make my kiddos love me so much, that hurting my feelings by misbehaving hurts their little hearts.  Having fun with your students only builds that rapport even more.  When you don’t take yourself too seriously, this job gets a little bit easier. I love to GoNoodle with my kids.  It’s a great way to lift your mood, get a little workout in, and show your students school can be a blast.  I’ve been known to dance like a crazy woman. My kids love when I join in and it makes me happy too.
Do you sit at all during the day? I mean sit, and no one is in front of you or tapping on your shoulder saying your name over and over? I know, I don’t. Sometimes we just need a minute or two. A minute to grab a sip of water, eat a little snack, take a peek at the lesson plan book, or run to the restroom.  GoNoodle provides you with 3-5 minutes to do just that.  While your kids are deep breathing with Maximo, you can take a deep breath and get those things accomplished. 
I promise, its one of the best things you’ll do the year, not only for your students, but for yourself.  
Keep Calm and GoNoodle On! 
Now, don’t leave yet. If you want to use GoNoodle in your room, you can join below. There is also a link to jump to another GoNoodler’s blog, to see other reasons you should GoNoodle. Finally, do you want some GoNoodle swag for your classroom. Enter the giveaway at the end of this post.
Click below to join. It’s FREE! 
Click below to see more reasons why GoNoodle is so great from my friend Erin
Enter to win a classroom set of GoNoodle Headbands.  Tell me, seeing your class in old school workout headbands, wouldn’t lift your spirit just a little on a hard day? 
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Michelle Oakes

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