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Remember those days when we were rushing from work to sports, to the grocery and we wished we had just one day to do nothing? Well those busy days certainly came to an abrupt end.  There are only so many movies and video games one can play, so I decided to create a few tools to help you while we navigate these crazy times.  

Visual Schedules

Many children, especially those in primary school, rely heavily on schedules and routines.  In  these uncertain times, knowing what is going to happen next, is not only helpful for children, but necessary.  That is why I wanted to provide parents with an easy to use visual schedule for their children.  I laminated both the schedule cards and schedule template and used velcro to attach the pieces.  There is a place to add times if needed and you could use a dry erase marker on those spaces. 

Activity Ideas

In addition to a schedule, I wanted to provide a list of ideas for activities to do while at home.  I created activity cards for reading, writing, math, science, social studies, art and additional ideas.  These cards can be put in a box or jar and children can choose one at random, or they could be placed on a binder ring and flipped through when there is nothing to do.

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Need More Ideas?

Here are some activity for indoor and outdoor to pass the time.  

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