Snowy Days!

As much as I hate the snow, I do love some of the snowy projects we do during our snow themed weeks. So I thought I’d post a few of the many things I’ll be doing in my classroom. 
Snowy Books I Love:
I’ll be posting more activities soon but these are a couple I plan on doing soon! 

1. Check out this adorable snowman made of shaving cream, glue and construction paper. 

I found this idea at one of my favorite blogs Oopsey Daisy. I plan on using this poem for the week:

Five Little Snowpeople


Five little snowpeople standing in a row. 
The first one said, “We are made out of snow.” 
The second one said, “I have a hat and button eyes.” 
The third one said, “We look like funny guys.” 
The fourth one said, “Feel how the cold wind blows!” 
The fifth one said, “It might freeze my carrot nose!” 
Then drip, drip, went the snowpeople, 
For it was a sunny day. 
And the five little snowpeople drip, dripped right away.
And after reading the poem and creating their snowman, they’ll write what their, 6th snowperson, might have said. 
2. Another super cute idea I found is this quilt square, which fits not only with our winter theme, but also the math fraction concepts of half and whole.  Mrs. Burns archives had this adorable quilt square I plan on making. Each square is exactly 1 in x 1 in.  
Check back for more snowy fun soon!

Michelle Oakes

Michelle Oakes

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9 thoughts on “Snowy Days!”

  1. I absolutely love the snowman quilt. I think it will have to be a class project. The shaving cream snowman can be individual projects. Will the shaving cream dissolve, or is there a trick to keeping it puffy?

  2. S. Parker- I plan on doing this small group as the other children are writing about their snowperson. I have 20 kids, so I'll probably just do 4 groups at my guided reading table. It shouldn't take long.
    Partis- The glue helps the shaving cream to stay puffy.

  3. I did the shaving cream / glue project today with my students. They loved the messy project and they turned out great. I mixed shaving cream first and then glue in an ice cream bucket. Gave them a scoop full and let them create! They loved it! It dries puffy and my kids said their snowman felt like marshmellows. Fun project – try it! Thanks for the idea! 🙂

  4. Katie- I got a pretty big bowl and mixed the two together and they painted it on. We did it yesterday and they loved it! They turned out really cute. I'll post a picture of ours on here soon!


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