Measurement and More!

Well if you have any idea what Fish Lengths and Animal Jumps are, then you might be an Investigations user.  We are currently finishing up our measurement unit and my kids have been busy measuring with baby feet, craft sticks, basketball player steps, fish, and more.  Check them out, they are so stinkin’ smart! 

 Doing a follow up activity. Gone Fishing Center!
Other Centers from this week! I love that my kids listen to great stories on the iPod Touch and then respond. They have some great interactive book apps! Meegenius is one of them!
 Our ing center!
 Sugar Cookie Sum Sort
Snowy Day Verb Books
And last but not least: My kids absolutely loved this!!  I totally got this idea from a cute little blog, 
They did their writing by a fire. They were soooo flippin hilarious! They kept saying how warm they were getting by the fire and how they could smell the wood burning.  The fire actually crackles and looks awesome. The pictures don’t do it justice.  Check out

Have an awesome rest of your week! 
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  1. We've been working by the fire this year thanks to you! We live in south Texas, so we never really see snow, but the kids are so excited they yell, "Can we work by the fire?" I love it!


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