Weekend Work!

   So, weekends pass way too fast! There never seems to be time! We did get to get out with friends, love on our boys and visit family, but of course a teacher’s work is never done and I was busy crafting and preparing for the big 100th day of school as well.  

    I decided I needed one of those cute little Kiss Your Brain containers, and just happened to have a container laying around from a Christmas craft that never happened.  So I quickly got out the Cricut, vellum in our school colors and made myself a brainy bucket! I’m going to add ribbon to the sides soon. I think I might make some other cute containers for the classroom. I’m feeling inspired.
  I also found a super cute clipboard at Walmart, slapped my initial on it and will be clipping all my fellow blog friends ideas that I’ve printed to it.  
While I LOVE what we do for the 100th day. I couldn’t resist making the 100 year old versions of my students that Deanna Jump makes! Although, time is not a luxury we have in first grade. Therefore, I decided to put the basic pieces together for them and I’ll have them rip the paper, make the mouths and hair.  I’m super excited to see how they come out.
And I have to share my cute little crafting space! I love my Cricut cover and new crafting desk!
I also have to share this adorable  candy bar Valentine template from the girls at eighteen25. I made it with my little guy. But I think I might put my little firstie’s faces on them for Valentine’s Day as a gift to their parents. How stinkin’ cute!
So needless to say it’s been a busy week.  Now back to cutting out laminated centers! WHEW
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  1. Amy- I got the cover from a lady on Etsy. It's so cute up close! I also used (All Mixed Up) one of my favorite font cartridges ever! I made super cute banners with that cartridge as well.


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