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Each week I send home two very important pieces of communication.  On Monday, my students receive their homework sheet.  It lists their homework for the week, as well as their sight and spelling words.  It also acts a reminder for parents of important dates and our specials schedule.  Students are expected to complete their homework nightly and return it each day. Spelling activities are completed nightly as well, and recorded on the back of the homework sheet. Students turn in their homework sheet on Friday.

The second item sent home is my newsletter, which is sent home on Friday. I keep my newsletter short and sweet.  It includes important dates, reminders, and what we learned during the week, as well as what learning will take place in the future.  I find keeping the newsletter easy to read, ensures that parents will take the time to look it over and stay current.  

Click below to see both documents.

BTW- Can you tell I’m obsessed with fonts? I change them constantly along with graphics. 
I’m such a dork! 

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25 thoughts on “News and More!”

  1. I love your newsletter. I have a silly question though. Can you tell me where you found the borders for each section? I usually use a rectangular shaped box , but I like your dotted line and jagged edges instead. Thanks!

  2. Those actually aren't borders. It's just a text box like you use, but if you double click on it a box pops up that says" line". You can choose what color it is and also what the line looks like. They have dashed, dotted, etc. 🙂 Hope that helps!

  3. I love your newsletter! Would you mind emailing me a copy so that I can edit it for my classroom. I really like how you detail each subjects learning from the week and give a "heads up" of what's to come next week. I also like the idea of sending this home on Friday. So much seems to go home on Mondays at my school. Here's my email [email protected]

  4. I love your newsletter format. I was wondering where you found the zigzag. I know how to make the dashed/dotted and I just went there and that was not an option. I was also wondering too, if you would mind sharing with me your Newsletter so that I can make changes for my newsletter, too!! Thanks so much!
    Robynn [email protected]

  5. Hello! I love both your hw & newsletter! I've been teaching 1st grade for 6 years and I want to revamp my homework…desparately!! Can you send me a copy of your homework? (If so, [email protected].) Also, I have some questions – 1) What is your 'nightly reader'? 2) How do you test the weekly sight words? 3) What spelling activities do they use? Okay…sorry for the 21 questions…I just love your work!!! ~Ashlee

  6. Great ideas as always! Thank you 🙂 We also do a weekly newsletter with homework included. We also send home a monthly newsletter that will include the LFS Questions which will give the parents an idea what we will be covering that month. I have posted an example on my new blog if interested.


  7. Oh my gosh you're amazing! I'm equally obsessed with fonts, so I LOVE LOVE your newsletter and homework sheet! If possible, would you mind sending them to me in .doc format? ([email protected]) Thanks! Also, I have some of the same questions as above: 1) What is your 'nightly reader'? 2) How do you test the weekly sight words? 3) What spelling activities do they use? 4) What are your consequences/ rewards for completing homework?



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