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  So, teaching first grade is rewarding and exhausting on a daily basis! We do too much and there are times when you can be just as effective with little work, as with a ton!  So here is an idea to make your life a little easier.  
   When I first started teaching I was writing a new morning message each day, trying to be creative at 7 a.m. when I needed to make more copies and reply to emails. Then I got smart! Now I write one morning message a week. 
Here is how:

1. So, I write the message about what we’ll be learning for the week.  I also write it with many mistakes. I insert mistakes that the students may actually make themselves while writing.  

2. On Monday we read the message and work to correct the mistakes. We use white out tape and the correct color marker and students come up and fix all of my errors. 

3. On Tuesday-Friday we focus on one language arts standard per day. We might look for nouns, verbs, or adjectives and circle them in a particular color. We might search for sight words, words that have digraphs, contractions, words with the ed or ing ending. The possibilities are endless.  We also circle the parts (date, greeting, body, closing and signature) of the letter on Friday.  

Furthermore, my kids love coming up to circle or put boxes around words. In addition, they love fixing mistakes and everyone wants to be the one to circle the “body” of the letter on Friday.  Imagine that first grade teachers.  🙂 


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16 thoughts on “Relax :)”

  1. I could not agree more with you! Everyday I am trying to come up with something creative for DOL or journal. This is such a great idea!! I am going to have to stop myself and wait till next year to use it! The end of the year and I am still trying to add new stuff! That is one of those you know you are a first grade teacher whens…!

    Ms. Thomas

  2. I love MM too! I have a pretty simple format that I use on my smartboard. My kids love to circle and correct things with the pen on the board and it is easy to quickly change each day before school.


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