Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

   Hope you all are having an excellent week! I’m not sure my students know that it’s Teacher Appreciation week because they are CR—-AAAAZY this week, but who wouldn’t be if you’ve been stuck inside for 2 straight weeks due to icky old rain?  I’m about to build an ark and float on down to Florida or somewhere with sunshine.  

   I know I need a little pick me up and free stuff always makes me happy, so I thought I’d make a little center you may be able to use before the end of the year.  I created a center that not only reviews addition but also the concepts of odd and even. Click below to download.  🙂 Happy Teaching All! 

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9 thoughts on “Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!”

  1. thank you so much! love it!!! my son is in first grade and I just printed it and showed him and he thinks its cool!



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