Go Book Tutorial

Okay friends! I braved a camera to bring a GO Book How-To, to you.  I didn’t really think about the fact that everything would be backwards when you watched it though. Oh well, you’ll get the idea.  Please don’t pay attention to the 5 year old hair-do either.  I took the boys out in this horrible heat to the spray park this morning, so I’m looking a little rough. 🙂 Oh and I say Umm a LOT! Sorry…At least I didn’t say “like” a million times. 
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22 thoughts on “Go Book Tutorial”

  1. Great job on the tutorial and I thought your mouth matched perfectly with the words. We have used these notebooks for years (ours are MOOSE books -Management of Organizational Skills Everday-) like you metioned. They're pretty much the same, but last year we added another page prot. pocket labeled "home readers" We put a tiny dot circle of velcro at the top on the inside to keep it closed and send home books throughout the week as home readers. They worked great! Just another idea.

    Mrs. Mac's Maniacs

  2. Love the "GO" books…I use FISH Books and LOVE THEM! The parents do too. I meant to ask on your earlier post…what program do you use to create your lesson plans? I'm trying to revamp and that's one of the MANY things on my ever growing back to school to do list!!!

    Thanks so much for your willingness to share! Been following you for years at your website.

    Beg, Borrow, Steal

  3. You did a great job on this tutorial! I love the idea of the Go Book. I was wondering how the Star Chart worked. Is it similar to a color change system? Our school is looking to do away with the color change system and I like the idea of the Star Chart. Could you explain a little more about it please?

    Again, great job!

    Mr. Michelbook's Class

  4. Hey Jeremy! I love that we finally have a male first grade blogger! How awesome. I have five cups in my classroom. All students have a stick with their name on it and they start in the five cup. I use the chart to record the behavior for the day. I have more about our behavior program and the stars at my website http://www.fantasticfirstgrade.com.


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