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  So, you all know how I love random posts. It’s because I get all these ideas in this head of mine and I’m too impatient to post them all separately. Hence… I’m think of having a “weekly random” post.  

   1. Are you kidding me July? Go away! I so want my June back.  Is this summer flying or is it just me? I’m seriously sad that in just three short weeks I’ll be spending my summer in a classroom setting it all back up. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, and I definitely love room decorating but I’m still a little weepy thinking about it so soon. 
   2. I was flippin’ out when I entered Target today. They finally got new stuff in our dollar bins! No lie, my cart was full before I got past those stinkin’ bins.  I even had to have my four year old get out and walk. I know, I’m sick.  I’m sorry the picture quality is stinko but my good camera is packed and ready to make its way to San Diego.  
 Pretty happy about my loot. The child above was forced to walk due to cart overflow.
 I just ordered new white boards because we use them about a gobzillion times a day, but Drew wanted one. How cute are the mini dry-erase markers and erasers. I did buy tons of the erasers. I usually cut felt for my kids to erase with but this will save my pretty little hands some cutting time.
Love me some bins.  Although I do have a bone to pick with Mr. Target. I only call him Mr. because I’m not very happy with him.  These very same bins were a buck last year at my Target. This year…2.50. I don’t call that fair.  
 Cards and game galore.  Indoor recess, parent volunteers activities. Yes please!
 Letter and number stamps.  My kiddos are going to be stampin’ some sight words baby! 
P.S. Yes the sight word unit will be coming soon. 
I’m working on it, slowly but surely! 
A bunch of cute pop up bins.  I’ll be using these at home, because one day I want my house to look like this.  How jealous are we?
My goof! He was all about this step stool.
  3. When I got home, I found this in my mailbox. I was super happy! 
 I ordered these non-slip ribbon headbands this week. The blue and black is her “Thin Blue Line” headband. I love it because, not only is it our school colors, but my hubby is a police officer and part of the proceeds go to injured and fallen officer’s families.  The other is just darn cute. As soon as I got them, I tried them on and ran downstairs to work out with my not so nice friend, Jillian Michaels.  If you can get through one of her workouts without so much as a slip, then you know these are good. Plus you get three for 15 bucks. How cheap! So if you are a runner, a girl who likes to workout without bangs in her eyes, or just love hair accessories, I suggest you check these out!
   4.  I’ve had a lot of people purchase my Reader’s Workshop Graphic Organizers and had a few of you asking for more.  Therefore, I’ve created an new set of Reader’s Response sheets and more.  This set doesn’t cover the comprehension strategies, but includes tons of graphic organizers and activities that can be done with any book. They can be used for guided reading, reader’s workshop, centers, etc.  They are almost finished. I’m praying for two boys to sleep on our plane ride tonight and I’ll work my little heart out. Wish me luck!
Thank you Abby. You make my heart glow! 
(Totally redid the cover because of you)
  5. I too am addicted to Pinterest.  It’s the best little idea ever! You can check out my Pinterest by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page.  LOVE! 
  Hope you all are enjoying your summer. 
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15 thoughts on “Weekly Random!”

  1. I'm pretty upset with Mr. Target too. He has NO bins at my local dollar spot. I'm quite annoyed with him and even considering a break-up. Well…of course I won't cut all ties! 🙂

  2. I can't wait to see your sight word unit! I am always looking for creative ways for my firsties to get in some practice. Thanks for all your creative ideas! (I also have your graphic organizers used and abused from the spring!)

  3. I cannot believe you have all that great stuff in your Target ALREADY! I keep going and looking, but nothing. I LOVE the bins. I actually emailed Target about how to find more and they said they were discontinuing them!! I told them that would be a huge mistake because teachers LOVE them! I hope I see them in my area soon!


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