Put a fork in me…I’m done!

So, I’m totally channeling my sweet friend Cara, when I say…”Y’all, I’m tired!” Besides, I have been getting about…. I’d say…….no sleep, and I’ve been running around buying things for school or working in my classroom all day.  Today I went into school and finally finished up. Of course I have a gobzillion things left to do at home for the first day, but the classroom is complete.  The relief I felt as I looked around and there was no more mess, was priceless.  So, I have  UH-LOT of photos!
 The front of my room. 
As you can see I was all about the monsters this year!
In addition, here is my calendar
 Furr-tastic Work Goes Here!
 Lots of you asked about how I keep track of our star program. This is how.
 My teaching chair and supplies I might need!
 We love music! And our Hershey Kisses, “Kiss Your Brain.”
 Red Baskets are “fiction”, Blue are “non-fiction”, Yellow are “chapter’, Green are “poetry, rhyming and song books”.
 My leveled take-home library.
 Student’s book bins
 Focus Walls
 Writing table
 Art Supplies, Stamps, Games, and Center Bins
 Totally Pinterest Inspired
 Math Corner and Manipulatives
 Love having a sink in my class. Just wish it wasn’t circa 1975.
Pinterest find and I love it.
 Guided Reading Table and Word Wall
 Word Wall
 Don’t you love my new Ikea bookshelves and desk? 
 This is my peppermint jar, for bellyaches. My “Treats for my Sweets”.
 My lollipop tree for good behavior.
 I love my cute new mirror from JoAnns.  You never know when you need to check your hair or teeth!
 Treat bucket for lollipop winners. See this post for more info.
You can get the insert for this frame from the sweet girls at eighteen25.


So that’s my room. All ready for kiddos. Besides, I don’t know if this teacher is ready, but the room certainly is. 
PS.  Thanks for everyone who participated in the t-shirt contest. My principal was MIA today, and I don’t want to keep you all waiting so I decided I would pick my favorite and if my principal picks a different favorite later, then I’ll post another winner.  
The winner is

Seussational who said…

“What about a large iphone/ipad/ipod with the phrase “iLearn” at Reading Hilltop Elementary. Then inside the ipod, design apps relevant to learning. It could be as generic as math, reading, or something more personal to your school.
You could even have earbuds coming out from it with a devil listening or just a kid. The possibilities are endless!”

Sherry who said…

“Reading Hilltop… success is worth the climb!”
Yes! I picked two. Since, I couldn’t choose. They were all awesome. So if you were a winner, please email me at [email protected] and let me know what 20 dollars worth of products, you would like me to send your way.  
Happy Teaching Friends!
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Michelle Oakes

Wife, mom of 2 boys and a bulldog, reading specialist, Target frequenting lover of fashion, home decorating, Cincinnati girl.

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64 thoughts on “Put a fork in me…I’m done!”

  1. You have SOOOOO many storage bins and I.LOVE.IT!!!!!!!!!! Oh.my.word! I need all of your bins and ALL of your bookshelves!

  2. Thank you for selecting my idea! I feel like I know you a little better through the great visit to your classroom today! What a bright and inviting place. I will be emailing you directly! (THANKS AGAIN!)

  3. Oh my gosh. Your classroom is AMAZING. It looks HUGE! I am drooling over your library, your little signs, the word wall, and Ikea shelves/desk! Loving all of the primary colors, too! I'm going to search your site, but do you happen to have your book bin labels available on your blog? I'm looking to possibly re-do mine at some point….

  4. I enjoyed viewing the pictures of your classroom. Looks like a great place to learn! I especially love the brick walls – makes it seem very homey! Hope you have a great year!

  5. I just pinned a picture of your book baskets! I am slowly adding more to my shelves. (Yippee, I have shelves!)

    Can you believe I am not allowed to give my students candy??!!! I luv the "Kiss Your Brain" jar!

    Have a great first day!

  6. Your room looks great! SO very colorful and inviting! I love your IKEA arrangement–Isn't IKEA great? 🙂 I moved to a room with a sink this year and was just thinking of a sign for washing hands…I like yours and in the frame! You've inspired me! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Your room is SOOO cute and colorful! I am totally jealous of all that cuteness!
    Can you tell me what cricut font cartridges you use for your treats jar and kiss your brain jar? I love them! I only have the regular font one and I want to get others!
    Thanks so much!!
    Kerri B

  8. Oh, my!! I L.O.V.E. the brick in your classroom. For a moment I thought you had a fireplace mantle going on. And all those bright colors just pop! You've done a wonderful job. No wonder you're tired!! Get some rest and know that your new students have a fabulous teacher with lots of heart. Here's to a sensational school year.

    First Grade Factory

  9. GIRL.FRIEND. STOP IT with all that STORAGE!!! WHa?!?!? THose bookshelves are INsane. And that library you have goin' on…TO.DIE.FOR. For real. I especially love how your books are organized into different colored baskets by genres….SMART!!!!
    Love, love, LOVE it all!!! THe room looks FABULOUS…just like you 😉 Happy new school year, sweet friend!!! GREAT job! XOXO

    Cara 🙂
    The First Grade Parade

  10. A.W.E.S.O.M.E. classroom!!! I would love to know where you got your mint jar, sweets for treats jar, polks dot hand sanitizer and water bottle holder.

    Jessica 🙂

  11. Your room is absolutely beautiful! I love the color, organization, and allocation of learning spaces! Random question…where did you get the pastel tower tray unit that you have in the guided reading library? It's so pretty!

  12. I think that is the most AMAZING, beeeeea-uuuuu-tiful classroom I have ever seen! It's so bright, and clean, and organized! Most of my school's furniture is from the 60's and gross (falling apart, even)! I'm so envious of your square shelves.

    I love that you put the green plastic drawers beneath your reading table. Why didn't I think of that? I have something similar.

    I made a In This Classroom poster as well, also inspired by Pinterest. I've found some great ideas this summer.

    Anyway… It's lovely! Thanks for sharing! Go Bucks!

  13. I'm so jealous!!! Your room is beautiful!!! I love it and it looks huge and so nice and clean! I love all your storage bins and shelves and all the bright colors! And my favorite thing are those cute colorful benches at the writing table. What did you use to make your monster lunches board? Are there magnets on the back? I've been wanting to make a lunch count board but couldn't decide on how to make it. Thanks for sharing your beautiful room!


  14. I LOVE your "In our classroom…" sign.

    Is there somewhere I can download that? Or any advice for creating one of my own?

    Thank you so much for the inspiration! 🙂

  15. You have such a cute classroom. I love that you have a brick wall. It adds so much character to your room. I've been looking everywhere for some type of caddy for markers, pens, etc. Is the one on your desk from Lakeshore? It looks familiar. That might be just the thing!

    Effective Teaching Articles Blog

  16. Hello! I am loving your room! I was wondering if you could do me a gigantic favor? I'm pinterest deprived because I do not have Facebook. I know…you feel sorry for me, right? LOL I LOVE your framed poster of the In Our Classroom (because it doesn't say We do lots of tests.–why do they all seem to say that? yuck.) Would there be anyway of getting that emailed to me (or a link of where to find it?) Thanks a million! Jaime
    [email protected]

    PS Check me out at http://whatsthebuzzinfirst.blogspot.com

  17. Okay, I thought I had it bad but I think you have it worse! I love your desk! I bought my own to replace my horrible, ugly metal contraption! I love your room and all the cute details. How did you make all the circle shaped things for your word wall and helper chart? Love it all! I seriously think it is therapy for us but it sure makes it fun to come to work!

  18. Hi Michelle!! I realize this post is almost a year old but I wanted to share with you that I found a picture of your Ikea desk set up on Pinterest earlier this year and loved it so much that I went out and got my own for my classroom, along with 2 of the matching book cases. I absolutely love them! I blogged about it this past week for a Made It Monday linky and it was a huge hit. I made sure to add a link back this post so everyone could see what your room looks like. It is amazing!! I love how it is made up of all primary colors, it ties everything together so nicely. Just wanted to share with you my post that was inspired by your set up {Teacher Desk of my Dreams}

    Falling Into First

  19. Just found the pictures of your classroom. Looks like so much fun there! Just wondering, where did you get the stools around your kidney table? I've been trying to find something other than chairs and I like the idea of the stools.

  20. Just found your blog. 🙂 Your room looks amazing? Where did you get your chair pockets? Did you make them? I have the same tables and they are using buckets. But, I'm tired of seeing them.


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