It’s a Random Weekend!

Oh teacher friends! Have I been all kinds of stressed out! I have a gobzillion things to do and about NO time to do it.  So, I went into my classroom today and seriously thought I might cry. What a daunting task. I guess the 3 vacations this summer put me a bit behind.  I know…you don’t feel sorry for me.  So here we go…

In addition, I just got back from an amazing little trip with 13 teacher friends. Let me just tell you, I had a blast! What a great way to bond with all of your school friends.  
Here is my sweet first grade team.
I know I promised you all the GO Book Instruction Sheet and here it is.

Go Book Instruction Sheet
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So, I have FINALLY finished my SUPER SIGHT WORD PACK! I have been seeing sight words in my sleep! This packet will include 100 words (25 words per quarter). Also, you will introduce 5 words per week for the first 5 weeks of the quarter and spend your last 3 weeks reviewing.  I have included so many activities to reinforce the words.  There are board games, a class game, word wall words, flip cards for review, an assessment sheet, quarterly word lists to send home, and 4 different weekly worksheets. I have to put a few finishing touches on this unit and I’ll post it the evening of Aug. 6th.  I have extended my TpT sale until the 6th and I’ll also offer it at 30% off in my Teachers Notebook store.  
Word Wall Words
(Color Coded by Quarter)
 Bang Sight Word Game
 Board Games 
(4 different themed boards for each quarter)
Flip Cards
(Attach to a ring and flip through for review)
I’m going to go to bed! 
This teacher is T-I-R-E-D!
Thanks for reading this little old blog
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  1. Hi I love your GO book thanks for posting everything about it!! I am a first year teacher and plan on using it for my 2nd grade students. Is there any way you could post a document with the instructions where you put second grade in the last sentence on the first page instead of first? I hope that made sense. Thanks Again!!!!


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