Fun on the Farm!

  So, last week we started one of my favorite units in first grade.  The farm unit is not only super fun, but also means that the pumpkin patch, sweaters and boots are in my future.  I’ve been pinning my fall wardrobe for months! So grab your overalls, and get ready for some fun on the farm.  
  Here are some more pictures of some of the farm fabulousness we’ve enjoyed so far.  We still have butter to make, a super cute class book in our future and maybe even a little farm animal art project.

Below is a little phonics activity we did during morning meeting on Monday.  
It’s about 9 years old, but it serves it’s purpose year after year and the kiddos love it.  
Farm animals were abundant during center time.  
 Here my sweeties are putting the animals in order from least to greatest.
 ABC order center on the farm!
Sorting Sums! On the farm.  
One pig, on horse, one, cow, one sheep = a full barn!
 Go clapping in the classroom. Syllable Sort! 
 We graphed, tallied and drew our favorite farm animals!
Looks like the horse was the winner.  
(Don’t you love how every graph becomes a competition! 
And then someone gets all sad that their favorite lost?) 
Sad City, I tell you!
But I gotta love a graph.
Insert (Camera Battery Dies) No more pictures but….
We also made a chart of animals and their babies.  
And today we learned that nearly everything we love comes from the farm! We sorted picture cards into 2 categories “From the Farm & Not from the Farm”. 
They couldn’t believe that the t-shirt they wear and pillow they sleep on, could actually come from the farm. My kids also may never eat chicken nuggets again. They were surprisingly shocked that those sweet chickens ended up a McDonalds. GR-OSS!

So tomorrow it’s on to more.
I can’t wait to do the butter boogie! Yee-haw.
And… what would a post from me be without a little random? 
Anywhooo…Do you guys hear, “I’m hungry! When is lunch?” Right after lunch?! I swear, my kids are cutest darn bunch around, but they are always in the mood for food! 
So when I went to Wal-Mart, I picked up these:
Of course, they aren’t going to get a snack without a little hard work, so I made this. 
 I have to thank The Scrappin’ Cop for her great graphics! 

Cheez It Making Words
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  1. Hey girls- This farm unit is all me. I haven't really put it in a unit, but I am making a set of literacy and math centers. The centers that are pictured are included. I'll have it on TpT this weekend.


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