Get By With a Little Help From my Friends!

  We all know that teaching blogs are UH-MAZ-ZING! And we all know how much I love my sweet bloggy friends.  My entire career I’ve been creating, cutting and making something or other on a daily basis.  But thanks to some sweet friends, I can give this little brain a break and we had so much fun! Here are centers we did this week…with a little help from my friends.  

                      We’ve been working on all kinds of counting and this center was
                      perfect. Courtesy of the ever famous Cara at The First Grade Parade.

Then we made this at our book center. Fran at Kindergarten Crayons provided my students with an adorable, easy to read and fun to make book
 Now these are all me. I did a little work this week. Our word work center for this week was a making words activity. We also did a little unscrambling of our sight words.  

Listening Center is always better with an i Pod Touch.  We are hoping for an iPad in our future.  If you’d like some listening center response sheets, feel free to download them here.
So don’t recreate the wheel if you don’t have to.  We get by with a little help from our bloggy friends.  

PS. Lots of people have asked for my center checklist. It is now posted below for you to download. Center Labels and Checklist

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14 thoughts on “Get By With a Little Help From my Friends!”

  1. Oh, my sweet friend!! Famous…PUH-LEEEZE!!!! Shoo. PLEASE…oh, PLEASE tell me where I can score your sight word scramble and that making words flip chart activity. That is AWESOMESAUCE!!!!!!! LOVE. Hope you're having a great week!!! HUGS!!!! XOXO

    Cara 🙂


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