Weekend Miscellaneous!

Happy weekend teacher friends! You don’t even know how happy I am to have a weekend to regroup and start new.  It was just one of those weeks.  So this post is a little bit of  everything. I promise I’ll get back in the groove soon.  

Last week we studied leaves.  We started with an anticipation guide, learned lots about why leaves change color, sorted and graphed leaves and did this cute little writing activity.

It was also a big week for my kiddos because the finally got their very own book boxes. We’ve established all rules and routines for Reader’s Workshop, we’ve signed our Reader’s Workshop contract and now it’s time for the big time! 
The following are my kiddos book boxes.  They choose 10 books each week.  8 must be at their instructional reading level and 2 are choice books.  
After 11 years of teaching, I’ve finally found a way of recording all of my reading observations. I used to have a binder of notes, a separate place for running records and mini notebooks for Reader’s Workshop conference notes.  It was just too much! So now I’ve got one binder, divided by student names, which houses all of my notes and observations. This binder contains labels for writing down observations as my students read, as well as running record sheets. Below are pictures.  I love this way! 
Below is a student’s observation sheet. All of my observations in one place = Organized and Easy!
Below are the labels where I simply record my observations. Then I pull off the label and place it behind the student’s divider.  Behind the labels I also store running records, for more in depth records of reading and observations.
Now onto next week.  I’m pretty pumped for pumpkin week! 
Then onto Halloween fun, followed by bats! 
So fun!  I love first grade.

Michelle Oakes

Michelle Oakes

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  1. Okay – I love that you use labels!! Never thought of that…

    One blog I was reading (sometime this week) had a teacher using lables with math problems, students just stuck the label in their math journal & used the page to write and solve.

    I HAVE to go to Office Max and pick up labels – these ideas are GREAT, thanks for sharing!!!


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