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So, a little over a year ago I started this blog in addition to my blog about my sweet little family.  In addition, I had no idea what it would become. I was just praying I’d have more than 100 followers.  I feel totally blessed that you all are sweet enough to take the time to read my crazy posts.  Then today, I decided that I should probably get with the program and begin a Facebook Fan Page. So now “Fabulous in First” is on Facebook.  My husband would die if he knew! He thinks Facebook is the silliest thing ever.  I think he’s missing out! Where else can you find out what your boyfriend from 8th grade is doing on a Saturday night? 🙂 I feel really fancy having my shabby little blog on Facebook! I’m hoping I’ll do a good job keeping up with it. I’ll try my best. I would love if you’d like my page and tell your friends! As a thank you, I’ve got a little treat for those who join me on Facebook, so go check it out.
   In addition to my big Facebook news, I also wanted to let you know that I’ve changed my email.  My personal email was getting a little bit overwhelmed by all the sweet messages I’ve been getting. So I’ll be using the following email instead: [email protected].  Hopefully, this will keep me more organized. I promise I will try to answer all emails as soon as possible.  I appreciate every single one and I’m so sorry if I haven’t responded.  It was definitely not intentional.
   Finally, as my own little “I’m on Facebook” celebration, I’m having a SALE! It runs through tomorrow night. So click on the picture below to go to my TpT store.

 Thanks friends! 
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Michelle Oakes

Wife, mom of 2 boys and a bulldog, reading specialist, Target frequenting lover of fashion, home decorating, Cincinnati girl.

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  1. I love your blog, and your products on TpT!! I'm so happy for you to be on FB, too!! I'm going to follow as soon as I send this post! Can I ask you for some help? How did you create your page on FB? I made a page but can't get my posts to show up! Ugh! I have had no luck figuring this out!!
    Teaching First


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