How ya holding up?

Okay…so as you all know I’ve been doing this teaching thing for quite a few years and I LOVE what I do, but is anyone else have a hard time gettin’ back into the groove?  So I think it might have been easier to get back to it after summer break, than this return from Christmas.  This girl has GOT to get it together.  Plus that darn full moon is doing a number on my sweetie pies. In addition, I’m doing this Biggest Loser Challenge and I’m starving! God bless me if I make it until Friday. My head is a spinnin’. So as you read the silly smorgasbord of ideas spewing from this lil brain of mine, don’t judge. Just read on. You’ll get some free downloads out of it.  

So I’m doing lunch duty today and all I could think was…”Why in college, did I have to take a music class and learn to play the recorder? Instead, they should have had a class all about mastering the art of opening Gogurt with splattering blue goo all over your teacher top and how to peel those darn fruit cup containers open without sticky juice flying across the table.” And don’t even get me started on these. 
Now there is a college course worth taking! 
All of my DRA’s are finally finished and report cards are just around the corner.  In addition to Reader’s Workshop we do Guided Reading.  All of my sweeties are in a level E or above, so the long vowel words are becoming more prevalent in their books.  Therefore, I made a little center to practice reading long and short vowel words and discriminate between the two.  
If you’d like it, just click the picture below. 
It’s FREE!
This week we met with our math coach to discuss the common core and make sure we are adding all additional standards to our teaching. We’ll start implementing the common core standards in their entirety next year.  I’ve tried to add some of these into my current center packs on TpT. One of the big changes for Firsties, is that they now have to count forward and backward from 120. So we’re beginning to use a 120’s chart.  Most of my kiddos will have no problem with this little adjustment, but for my sweeties that already struggle, this will seem like an extra big feat. I have a few little people working very hard on their number sense and ability to use the hundred’s chart effectively and understand how it is arranged. Therefore,I made a few sheets for them to practice. You can download those below.
Well, my sweet friend Cara and I must have been Pinteresting at the same time, because this Friday my little people are going to do this cute little writing craftivity. We’re going to be reading:
and making these:
 Found on Pinterest. 
I made a little writing prompt sheet to attach below our snowmen. 
 Click below to download. 
I had a few people who wanted my Homophone Hunt, but it’s Christmas themed, and well…Christmas has come and gone. Even if my brain and body still swear they are on break.  So I made a new “Hot Chocolate” version.  This is the same lesson, just different theme. You can click on the picture to pick this up.  
The first 5 comments to this post will get this little hunt for free. 
Have a great Thursday and Friday Friends!  
If I survive I’ll be back with more freebies soon. 
PS. Yesterday was my 1 year Teachers Pay Teachers anniversary.  
I thought we’d celebrate with a little sale.
 Everything in my store is on sale until Sunday.  
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31 thoughts on “How ya holding up?”

  1. Can I just that I'm FREAKING out about what you said about skip counting forwards AND backwards from 120? What in the world????????

    P.S. Thanks for the freebies!!!!!!

    P.S.S. How did you get that "reply" on the bottom of each of your comments?????

  2. I have to agree with you, its hard coming back after Christmas Break. My little darlings have been in overdrive since we have been back!! Love the freebies-you always have such engaging activities!!

    BTW if you get a chance stop by my new blog (new design in the making!!:) I have a few freebies to share.


  3. Funny post! I needed the college class on how to teach children how to blow their nose and stop picking it in public {I just love when they wipe their snot on their papers and turn them into me!}. Your week is my year. That is why I call it "the year".
    We do not go into full implementation of Common Core until 13-14 so I know you will have a ton of tips before I got there!
    I am guessing you do not use EDM. In Everyday Math kids had to count to 120 and back by 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s from any given number so that will not be a new one for us. I start at the beginning of the year and do it with our SMARTBoard calendar so they can do it beautifully by the time it is introduced in November.
    Hope you have a great day and rest of the week!

  4. We have Go Math this year which is aligned to the Common Core. I am not looking forward to working with the 120 board! We are still on addition and subtraction and working with ten's frames and double ten's frames. Thanks for the freebies.

  5. Your kids will love making those snowmen! We made them on Wednesday and they turned out so darn cute! We used it with the book, Snowmen at Night. So fun! The kids kept saying, "This is so fun!"
    This activity is definitely a January must do!

  6. Thanks for the GREAT freebies.

    Can we also get a teacher class on how to open milk cartons, I was never a milk drinker but come on milk people! I have the hardest time with those things, most of the kids are better than me! LOL

    Have a FABULOUS friday!

  7. I can't get my groove on, either! And my kiddos have been sooo hyper!! Thanks for pointing out the full moon factor…that must be it! Awesome freebies! Your post made me laugh out loud on opening all those drinks, etc. without getting it everywhere!


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