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Hey all! 
      So, many years ago I was the queen of all things scrapbook.  My hubby and I dated for FOREVER before we got married, so I had 8 years of movie tickets, photos, sweet cards and messages all nicely displayed in scrapbooks with super cute stickers, embellishments, etc.  Then I had kids! No lie folks, my sweet Drew, almost 5, has a scrapbook that is completed to 8 months old.  Landon, now age 2, no scrapbook at all.  What happened? Well, I can tell you it definitely wasn’t scrapbooking. I feel HORRIBLE! Me, Michelle Oakes, aka: the paparazzi, has THOUSANDS of photos just sitting in an iPhoto account with no where to go. 
       So I’ve been thinking for quite a while about taking up digital scrapbooking. No glueing, no more buying thousands of stickers and expensive embellishments.  I mean, this girl spends enough money on card stock and googly eyes for school.  A few months ago I downloaded a digital scrapbooking software trial, but it was way too confusing. And Photoshop means I actually have to read and listen to tutorials.  Then Liz, from My Memories asked if I would like to try their software and offer it as a giveaway on this little first grade blog. She also offered to give all of my readers a discount code on their purchase of this software. So I downloaded it last night and started to play. And let me just tell you, I love it! It’s super easy friends. I didn’t watch a tutorial, or read anything. I just started creating.  
    In addition, the program comes complete with tons of cute papers, embellishments,shapes and even calendars to use. You can do all sorts of fun things with your photos by just clicking a button and the best part is, you can use all of the digital scrapbook packs you already have.  I have a ton, due to making centers and units, so this was very important to me.  Now this is my disclaimer. I have never in my life made a digital scrapbook page, so this is not all that impressive, but I made this in 10 minutes. It was so easy! 

Also, I’m pretty excited to use this software for my kiddos at school as well.  Each year I make my students a scrapbook of everything we’ve done throughout the year, so I’ll definitely be using this to make it extra cute this year.  
If you would like to win this software the steps are easy. 
1. Go to My and let me know your favorite scrapbooking kit. 
(You have to check out the school section, SUPER CUTE!)
I’ll choose a winner Sunday evening. 
Good luck! 
PS. If you don’t feel like waiting to see if you are the winner and want to purchase this software, then please use this code: STMMMS27264 for an extra 10 dollars off your purchase of the software and another 10 dollars for anything you’d like in the store.


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