My teacher friends ROCK!

Hey y’all! 
    You would seriously think I’m from somewhere in the south, but no… I’ve just spent way too much time chatting with my sweet southern blogging friends. Hence the reason I haven’t posted. Between good books, good friends and a little after school “thank goodness that test is over” celebration, I’ve been one busy lady. But I promise to get back on my game.  

    Speaking of game… My sweet kiddos enjoyed a week of baseball fun.  Every year our first graders go to a Reds game.  It’s the best time and because all the parents love to join, there are no shortage of chaperones.  We always use Gail Gibbons, My Baseball Book to teach the kids about the game. It’s an awesome nonfiction introduction to baseball. We learn the positions, rules and parts of the field. This is also fits perfectly with our non-fiction Reader’s Workshop and Writer’s Workshop units, which fall during this time as well.  To prepare for this week I created a packet of baseball themed centers and a few other activities. My students loved them and they hit some of of our harder common core standards, so it was definitely good practice. They also made their own baseball card and did a baseball making words activity.   We also usually make an adorable little baseball boy/girl craftivity, but the darn OAA test kind of messed up our schedules and my plans.

So on to the OAA.  That is Ohio’s Achievement test.  A sad reality that our students suffer through. I feel so bad for their days of torturous testing.  I do work with some of the best teachers on the planet and they are a super fun group. You may recall our Flash Mob last year in preparation for testing week.  Well this year the theme was Hilltop’s Got Talent.  So cute and the kiddos loved it! We always try to remind them of testing strategies, as well as how smart and ready they are.  If you don’t watch the whole video, at least go to about 22 minutes in. It’s hilarious! I’M READY AND I KNOW IT! 
Thank goodness for fab friends and fantastic followers! Have a great weekend!
Michelle Oakes

Michelle Oakes

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15 thoughts on “My teacher friends ROCK!”

  1. Love it! That's better than our test pep rallies. I'd move to Ohio and teach at Hilltop in a second! Love the baseball ideas, too, as several of my military kiddos are obsessed with learning more about "Texas Baseball" (didn't know there was a difference!!??)!

  2. So GREAT! Wish I could have been there…they crack me up! Who knew we had so much talent at Hilltop?! I'm most impressed by Rachel's jump roping—WOW! You could have jumped with her if only you hadn't hurt your ankle 🙂 Have a good weekend!

  3. LOVE IT!! Your teachers and school inspire us all! Our administration has limited us from doing a lot (so sad) but that song would be a great motivator for our 3-5 students taking the EOG. Would your teachers be willing to share the lyrics? I totally understand if they do not want to because I'm sure that took LOTS of time but if they are willing I WOULD LOVE TO LEARN IT and perform it with my other reading teacher. Your school looks like so much fun! The students at Hilltop are so lucky!
    …"And I hope they know it!" (That is supposed to be sung like in the song! LOL!)

    Kerry Blackwelder
    [email protected]


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