Mother’s Day and More

Hey Teacher Friends! 

   Did you all get some great goodies at the Teacher Appreciation Sale? I sure did.  Now I just have to sort through it all this summer and make sure I plan out everything well.  I’m going to need to prepare lots of fun projects this summer.  But first I have to get through the next three weeks. I am beyond OVERWHELMED! There are a million and a half things left for me to do this year and no time to do it.  What’s a teacher to do? 
   Anyway…my sweet little friends have been working hard on Mother’s Day projects. They are currently doing their Mother’s Day books that I posted last year.  I’ll make sure to post pictures of the finished products.  Our mommy’s will also be getting these:
I wish I could say these were my idea, but my own little precious preschooler, brought one home and I had to steal it.  Aren’t they adorable? 
We also worked on Mother’s Day Centers this week.  They are both available for free in my Teachers pay Teachers Store.  
I know this unit is a little late in the year, but I wanted to assess that my kiddos knew exactly what each punctuation’s function was and how to properly use it. So we did this fun little punctuation puppet activity. It goes along with my “Punctuation People“. They are characters that I created for each type of punctuation.  My kiddos loved it!  

Finally…and totally not related to school. I received my Foxy Locks Hair Extensions.  
Here is my before:

And After:

 For all of you blessed with long, thick hair. I’m totally jealous. 
I had to get mine from London. LOL! 

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  1. Love the hair. I have awful thin, flat hair – ugh! But I discovered what my stylist calls "Gold Dust" because of the price. It is really this powder you sprinkle on your scalp for a boost. That with a shorter cut has helped me, but I do with I could have longer hair! 🙂



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