Friendship, Feet and Fonts

When I started this blog I didn’t know what to expect. I had a website for 11 years prior, where I posted free documents, ideas and pictures.  I loved sharing ideas with teachers and searching their sites as well.  Blogging seemed like an easier way to share, so I thought I’d give it a try.  While this blog has led to many fabulous things in my life, the most important  has been the new friendships I’ve made.  Not only do these girls inspire me and make me a better teacher, but they also get me through stressful days, crack me up and show so much support.  So sweet friends, THANK YOU! You know exactly who you are. 

One adorable friend I’ve made along the way, is Katie King. She, unlike me, does not need hair extensions. Man does that girl have good hair! She is also beautiful inside and out.  She just needs to move about 2 1/2 hours north and we would be golden.  We got together today for lunch and had a great time. You know those people that you meet and think, how have we not known each other forever?  Anywhoo….She’s a doll and so are her kiddos. Look at what she brought me. Not to mention a sweet gift for my boys.
Sorry it’s so blurry. My photography skills tonight leave much to be desired.
 But it’s the cutest darn basket of goodies EVER! And she included these.
Now Katie and I were somehow separated at birth, because we have a ton in common! 
One thing being our obsession with our classroom decor. If you know me at all, you know that my classroom must include all things primary color.  Everything matches, nothing can be off.  She recognized this in me our very first meeting. She also must have known that I do not have a classroom alphabet, because I’ve never found one that matches my room.  Think badly of me, feel sorry for my poor kiddos, but it’s who I am.  They do have an alphabet on their First Grade Helper, so I’m not a total failure.  And now I can redeem myself, because she’s provided me with this! 
So stinkin’ cute I can hardly stand it.  I was thinking about doing my classroom in a farm theme, but now I’m just thinking about basic primary, because this stuff is so darn fantastic! 
Now onto feet. As you all might know, I broke my ankle about 2 months ago while meeting Mickey Mouse.  Sad City, I tell you.  Well Sadsville made it’s way back in my house with a big old bang this past weekend, when a chair fell on my precious Drew’s foot.  Which led to no lie, blood EVERYWHERE, screaming, an ambulance ride and 17 stitches in his poor little toe.  This child has never even needed a band aide in his 5 years of life, so it was bound to happen eventually, but it breaks my heart to see his little foot.  Way to start a summer, huh? Tomorrow we see a pediatric plastic surgeon.  Yep…it’s really that bad.  Pray, he tells us it will heal quickly because this mama is already running out of indoor activities.  We’ve enjoyed a brand new DS 3D, built and played with legos and made homemade slime.  All I have to say is TGFP (Thank Goodness For Pinterest!). 
The slime recipe was found here
It’s not messy, which I love! It also only took the 3 ingredients shown below and 2 minutes to make. 
Simple fun! The kind I like.  
And lastly…fonts. I’ve created a bunch of fonts and posted a few free on my Facebook Fan page. Hop on over if you want to check them out. You can use them for whatever you wish.
Have a great weekend friends! 


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9 thoughts on “Friendship, Feet and Fonts”

  1. Michelle, I love your blog! Last year your blog and Cara's were the first two I ever read and I have been so inspired! Thanks for sharing all the joys of being a first grade teacher! Now, if I can just work up the courage to start my own blog; it is on my summer to do list! I hope your little boy's toe heals quickly! Happy Summer! 🙂

  2. I completely agree with you that the friendships through blogging have been incredible!
    Your poor little guy 🙁 Hope he heals quickly!!


    • Do I know you? Do you have a blog? No…I don't think this post is about you at all. Of course silly girl. You know I love you more than bee stings! Lol


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