What I’m Loving Wednesday

I have so many fun new finds and blessings in my life so I thought I’d link up with “What I’m Loving Wednesday.  
I’m loving that it’s summer and my sweet boys and I get to spend lots of quality time together.  Today we went to Kings Island. I love riding rides with my babies. Can you tell it was hot by the looks of Landon? 
I’m loving that my house is finally getting organized again.  It’s a slow go but I’m getting there! Gotta love infomercial hangers. They make it look like you have a lot less clothes than you really do. Therefore, you don’t feel bad shopping for more. And yes, for anyone that knows me, this is only one small part of my closet.  🙂 
I love that this was on my front porch when I got home. I’m going to be creating like crazy and I’ll post more about it soon! 
I’m loving this new Etsy store I found.  It has some adorable things for wrapping gifts.
 I can’t wait to order! 
And I love this store too! I may have ordered a dress from here. 
I’m loving that in just 10 days I’ll be wearing this dress as a bridesmaid in my little brother’s wedding. I can’t believe he’s getting married.  
What are you loving this Wednesday? 
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