Slow Down!!!!

Slow down!!! That’s exactly what I’d like to scream at July.  I’m beginning to feel all sorts of nervous about how fast time is flying.  My sweet little Drew and I went shopping for school supplies for Kindergarten y’all! NO WAY, can I have a baby going to KDG! I just pray his teacher is as good as my sweet blogging kinder friends. 
Anyway…I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get it everything on my plate done in time for the beginning of the school year.  So, I have a million projects in the making and I’m not getting very far.  But I did do a few things I think you all might like.  
If you’ve downloaded my free Rainbow Word Wall Words, I’ve made a new power point version that you can edit with your own words. 
I also zipped up all of my helpers (kindergarten, first grade and second grade) with a power point version that allows you to edit the word wall.  So if you’ve purchased it, you can go download it again and edit with your own words. And if you haven’t purchased it for that reason, now you can edit until your heart’s content.  
Also don’t forget to grab beginning of the year centers. I just spent today printing, laminating and cutting. They are all based on the common core standards for grade one, but very basic for the beginning of the year. You can click the picture below to enlarge.
I’m also redoing a lot of my classroom decor, and my teacher to do list was so cheesy.  I thought it was great when I first started creating. So here is a new one. Just pop it in a frame and use a dry erase to write your list of things to do.  
(Graphics and papers for the TO-Do List courtesy of Jessica Weible. Frame by Scrappin Doodles and Font by Kimberly Gershwein.)
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12 thoughts on “Slow Down!!!!”

  1. I was just thinking about time going by so quickly and of all the things on my to-do list. I shared 2 inspirational poems tonight about your heart being in your room. I would be honored if you hopped over to read them. =)

    You are an inspiration to so many Michelle. The poem "In this Room" makes me think of the kind of classroom I know you have.


    Heather's Heart

  2. It makes me very sad to see July pass by so quickly! 🙁 Anhyway, thank so much for the sight words, they look great!

  3. I love your blog and the wonderful things you create. I was wondering if you have something, like your first grade helper, that has the spellings next to the letters.


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