Cameo and Crafting!

Hey guys!
So, I’m super excited about this Cameo linky party. I’ve created so much with my Cameo lately.  My favorite part is that you can cut pretty much anything on your computer! It’s a wonderful thing.  So I first thought I’d show you where I work. It still needs some sprucing up, but I’ve been a busy lady. This is my crafting/creating loft. Our house is pretty open so it was good space for me to work and still see the chaos going on around me.

 This is my fabulous desk. It’s a scrapbook desk and it holds  a million things. I love it.
 Above you can see my Mac, my Cameo and something every teacher needs:
A pink Scotch tape glider.
Here’s more of my crafting and creating stuff. I used to use a Cricut.
It requires all those cartridges. Expensive. That is why he is living under his cute cover.
Now on to what I’ve been making.
 I made these fun table caddies for each of my tables. I used printable vinyl from Expressions Vinyl. The font I used was Smiley Monster from Kevin and Amanda. And the frame was cut using a frame I bought from Print Candee. See! You can cut anything!!
Next, I really wanted trash cans for each table in my room, so that kids weren’t constantly walking to the trash that wasn’t big enough and overflowed all day.  So I made one to match each colored table in my room.
Only a teeny bit of these were Cameo created but I still love them!
In addition, here are my new lunch count trays. Sorry for the glare. It was dark when I took these. I got the trays are the dollar store. I originally painted some black and that was a complete mess.  So I went back and made these.
Here are some other things I’ve created lately. Not with my Cameo, but I’ve been a crazy crafting fool. I got rid of all my store bought decor this year and I’m doing it all on my own, so I’m one crazy crafter right now.
Here’s my banner for my great work board. Drew wanted a photo op.
And I’m so proud of these. So these are my new birthday chart and 120’s chart. Costco printed them for 5 bucks! They are 16 x 20 and framed in some pretty frames from Hobby Lobby.  I can write on both with dry erase, which I love!
And here are some posters I made for my rules wall.
If you want a Cameo or want to see other creations made with the cameo, click the button below. There is a great Cameo giveaway linky party over at Blog Hoppin’!

Well, I hope you all are enjoying looking at everyone’s creations. I can’t wait to see what other’s create.

Michelle Oakes

Michelle Oakes

Wife, mom of 2 boys and a bulldog, reading specialist, Target frequenting lover of fashion, home decorating, Cincinnati girl.

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42 thoughts on “Cameo and Crafting!”

  1. Love everything you have done. This seems like it would be such a neat machine to have and use. I thought about getting a cricket. I wondered if I would spend too much additional money buying the extras. I do have one question. I love the table caddies and was wondering where you got them from. These would be perfect for my kiddos, especially since I wanted to use ribbon on them since I group by primary colors. Thanks, any help would be appreciated.

  2. Everything is adorable! Did you use the cameo to make your pennant banners or create and print those? Any chance you could post on TPT?

  3. I'm obsessed with that "Wall of Wow" pennant banner – so adorable! Do you mind sharing what is connecting them all together? I looks like it might be something other than ribbon.

  4. I've tried to read through to see if anyone else already asked this, so sorry if I missed it: Can you share what font you used for the trash cans? Those are SO cute and functional! I'm going to make some using baby formula cans! (Yea! Finally something to use them for so my husband stops questioning why I'm saving them! :-)) Thanks for the cute inspiration!

  5. wow, these are really terrific things. I will have so many things to work on in the summer to prepare for next year. Thank you for the great ideas. I am going to get one of these soon.


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