Common Core Galore!

Okay so did you all know there was a big TpT sale this weekend? I definitely took advantage.
And I’m linking up with Blog Hoppin’ to show you what I bought.
Just in case you want to grab up something fabulous before the start of school.
So sit back and be jealous of all my goodies. I wouldn’t share if these weren’t MUST HAVES!
First, I had to have Rachelle’s  Common Core Galore Checklists. I’ve got them printed and in my binder to make sure I’m staying on task and covering EVERYTHING! Plus they are so organized and pretty. And I’m all about practical and cutesy.
I also had to have Deanna Jump’s Colorful Cats. SO CUTE!! I planned on using Pete the Cat for my colors unit, so this color cat unit will go along perfectly.
{Three} and {Four}
These two are so fun!
I love Kathleen’s and Cara’s Beginning of the Year Centers.
I can’t wait to use both.
Check out these fun activities by Kathleen.
 And I love everything Miss Cara makes. So fun!
Next, I couldn’t wait to pick up Erica’s 0-120 activities.
These are awesome activities for the new common core standards and 120’s chart.
And speaking of numbers… Have you all seen Sarah’s adorable tens frames?
How perfect for teaching your kiddos number sense.
Finally, I purchased Kim Adsit’s Reader’s Workshop Units.
So here is a picture of the first unit.
These are so fabulous. They go along so well with what I already teach, but there are so many cute ideas that will really make my lessons T—-H—-I—-S much better!!
So that’s my shopping spree.
 I also bought some awesome doodle frames from Teaching in a Small Town. 
Now onto my products.
If you purchased this
PLEASE go back and download it again. A sweet buyer told me there was a mistake in my number pennant. The number 16 had the word fourteen on it. It has been fixed, so don’t print until you get the new version. I am SOOO SORRY!
It’s seriously hanging in my room wrong!
And I promise I’m not losing it, but apparently there was a mistake in my Morning Menu as well. It doesn’t at all effect the colored part of the menu, just a few of the sheets at the end. The numbering was off a bit. I added activities and forgot to change the numbers. I’m so SORRY!
I think I’m hiring the girls who pointed this out as my editors.
I also wanted to give a little tip to buyers of my products or any product that has lots of color.
If you download a document from TpT and it won’t seem to print, it may be that your printer is having a hard time processing all those graphics. If this happens there is a very easy solution.
You will go to PRINT. Next you’ll want to hit the ADVANCED button.  At the bottom there will be a box that you can check that says, “PRINT AS IMAGE”. Check this box.  Then hit print.
It makes it a lot easier on your printer.
I’ve had lots of emails about my G.O. (Getting Organized) BOOK and the sheets that go inside. I had them linked on my blog but decided to put it all together in a pack. They are still free but are nice and neat now. You can grab them by clicking the image below.
I’ll be back soon with more. Time for bed.
Maybe if I slept, I wouldn’t be making all those darn mistakes!
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