Gettin’ Back in the Swing!

Slowly but surely, I’m trying to get back into my routine.  You all know how it is, getting to know your new kiddos, learning the routine, and the gazillion other things that you have to do to begin your year. So I thought I’d share a few things we complete lately.  
First, I thought I’d post my lesson plans for this week, just in case you all wanted to see what we are doing.  
(Crayons in color plans are courtesy of Ashley Hughes)
This is our second week of centers. Here are some pictures of the centers we’re completing.
 I created this math center so students could practice number words 1-20. If you want this center you can download it by clicking below. All graphics are courtesy of Melondheadz.
 This color, stamp center can be found in Cara’s “Ready, Set, Learn” beginning of the year centers.
Putting our mixed up poem in order.  
We also read Lacey Walker, Nonstop Talker. A cute little book about and owl who learns to be a good listener. When we were finished, we made these adorable owls. You can get this unit here.
 I hope you all are having a great week. I’ll be back soon! 
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