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Sorry I’ve been MIA! It’s not because I’m not working, because I’m pretty sure I saw the clock at 1:30 a.m. last night.  Which wouldn’t be horrible if I didn’t have a 4:30 am wake-up. So needless to say, there are toothpicks holding these eyes open today.  I might have had more accomplished if I hadn’t been out shopping Saturday with my sweet friend Katie King! Yes…The QUEEN of the First Grade Jungle. We went from reading each other’s blogs to being forever friends in a matter of two meetings. I just love that girl. So we can blame her for no weekend blog posts.
I also have an extremely talented and amazingly funny friend named Deedee Wills. She always gives people a “Peek at her Week“, so I thought I’d follow her lead and do the same.  We’ll see if I’m as on top of this concept as her. I’m already a day behind, so this may not turn out as planned. So here is a Snapshot of things to come this week.

So now to rewind a bit…
Last week we visited Sweden and Kenya. I absolutely love Holidays Around the World. I make each child a pocket book, they find the country we’re visiting on the world map and color it. Then they color a map of the country, the country’s flag and children from that country.  When we’re finished we read an informative text about the country and their holiday season. I try to make a craft, eat a food, and play games from the country.  Here is picture of our trip to Sweden.  Students make St. Lucia crowns and Star Boy hats. They also made Dala Horses as their souvenir from Sweden.  We also visited Kenya. I didn’t get pictures. Sorry!
 On Friday I needed to prepare for our visit from our own class elf. We watched “The Elf on the Shelf” movie as a classroom reward and then did a little persuasive letter writing.
This craft, a cute little letter from your classroom elf and other common core activities will be available very soon in this packet.
I hope you all had a great Monday. I’ll be back soon with activities from Mexico and the elves will be uploaded!
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Michelle Oakes

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