Sunday Snippet Time!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I’m looking forward to the week ahead. I love the week of the 100th Day! SO MUCH FUN.  Here is peek at what will be happening in our room. Just download the plans and then click any of the pictures below and they will take you to that specific unit.

If you still need some fabulous ideas for your 100th day, be sure to stop by Blog Hoppin’.
There is a fantastic giveaway where you can win tons of great ideas and it ends soon. 
Our house has been beyond sick this week.  So I don’t have much more for you tonight.  I’m sorry!  
But I’ll be back with a freebie and photos soon.   
PS. My friend Ashley Hughes the amazing clipart artist, teacher and blogger shared this video. Everyone could use this video when facing a Monday.  Hugs! 

Michelle Oakes

Michelle Oakes

Wife, mom of 2 boys and a bulldog, reading specialist, Target frequenting lover of fashion, home decorating, Cincinnati girl.

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