Shopping and Techy Talk

So I’m going kill two birds with one stone and link up with both Blog Hoppin’ and one of my blogging bestest friends in the whole world.  So get ready for more random!

First up:

Did you all shop? I did. It’s absolutely, the thing I do best. If only I had married for money and not love. Just kidding.  My precious husband is the best and I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world.  But I’m sure their are times he’d like to trade me in for someone who spent a bit less.  So what did you all buy from TpT? Here are my goodies:

PS. TpT went all wackadoodle doo yesterday and I know it was super hard to shop.  If you still want to pick some fun stuff up, I’m putting my products back on sale through tonight.
Here are two products I’ll be using soon!
Now onto the techy talk:
I also want to share a few great apps we’ve been using:
First Grade Learning Games
Great to practice 1st grade skills
 Abby’s Phonics
Vowels, digraphs, blend and more!
Marble Math  Junior
So many skills to practice for ages 5-8
 Monkey Word School
6 great word games
Happy Tuesday!
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