Yay, it’s Five for Friday Again!

Y’all I’m so tired, I don’t know if I can even count to 5. I’m seriously seeing double, but I thought I’d try to link up tonight and share some of my week.  
This week was full of lucky leprechauns and St. Patty’s Day stuff. 
 Here is a cute little writing craft we did this week. 
Here are some of our centers. We had a blast. Especially sorting the cookies.
 We also did this Skittles Science.  It’s one of their favorite things every year.
Do you see the S floating on the top of the water?  They love it! 
All of the activities above are in the Super Shamrock Pack.
I actually had a SNOW DAY this week.   I haven’t had one in two years.  It was so needed!! Check out Frosty. He only lasted one day and melted, but we’re pretty proud. 
Not bad for a mommy and a 3 and 6 year old. 
I have this freebie I created last year. I thought I’d share again in case you needed something else fun and common core. Here it is.
I’ve decided in my next life I need to be a stylist. Sunday, there was a Rachel Zoe marathon and I watched several hours.  Do you know how much I would love to go to stores, pull all kinds of things off the rack and then coordinate? Dream come true?  I say, YES! 
And… I thought I’d end this post with 5 of my favorite things!
If you have 5 randoms for Friday then link up with Doodlebugs! 
Michelle Oakes

Michelle Oakes

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  1. Thank you for the math freebie! It is just what my students need! The equality ideas in the common core are one of the things that are completely missing from our first grade math program. (of course they are coming out with a new version) but this helps me now! Thanks!)


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