Five for Friday Everyone!

So, I’m back and linking up with Doodlebugs for my 5 randoms for the week.  
We’ve been working on our map skills and we continued on our pirate adventure.
In addition, here are a few of our pirate centers. Besides, the kiddos loved them.
Next we read Abby’s cute little Pirate Mark story.  As I read, my students wrote down the words with “ar”.  Then we added the words to our “AR” Treasure Chest.
 After completing that activity my students were given a map of our classroom. We discussed the cardinal directions.  The kids were then sent on an “ar” treasure hunt around the room. They looked for treasure chest cards with the “ar” words. Furthermore, when they found them, they had to put them on the map where they found them.  When they finished, we met together again to create a large class map of the words.
 As a culminating activity my kids created Abby’s Pirate Mark Crafts.
They had to write 7 “ar” words on the belly.  It was such a fun afternoon.
So I just started running again.  My ankles still aren’t 100 percent and I’m totally slow now, but here are Landon and I after a run. Please tell me it will get easier.  Also, how do you like my new kicks?  I had no idea when I ordered them online, they would come out of the box and glow!
Now you definitely can’t lose me.
Every girl has a weakness, and I will share with you mine….
Boys in backwards baseball caps.  Don’t ever say this blog doesn’t provide you with enough eye candy.
Here are some sayings I found, that I kind of love.
In addition, here are some of my favorite pins from this week.
Isn’t this the cutest laundry room idea. I love it.
                              Source: via Michelle on Pinterest
Isn’t this cute for Mother’s Day?


                                       Source: via Michelle on Pinterest
This just looked pretty yummy.
                                 Source: via Michelle on Pinterest
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Michelle Oakes

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18 thoughts on “Five for Friday Everyone!”

  1. The running will get easier. I had to stop for awhile because I have weak ankles from previous injuries to both of them.

    I love those flower pots. I made one for my mom for Mother's Day with pictures of her grandchildren. Then I made one for myself for my classroom, but I filled it with beans and use it for my pens. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!!

    Mrs. Pauley's Kindergarten

  2. Hi, Love the Pirate tasks. I just finished my pirate theme, but will keep in mind for next year. And I do love a boy in a cap too.

  3. Love the pirate tasks, I just finished my unit on them and I do love a boy in backwards cap. Thanks for sharing


    The Diary of a Primary Teacher


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