It’s Friday Y’all!

TGIF! I hope you all had a great week.  I’m linking up with Doodlebugs with my random 5!
So I wanted to start off by saying how thankful I am for the Boston Law Enforcement and how proud I am to be a police officer’s wife.
I continue to pray for all of those affected.
In addition I have to share some pictures of my sweet boys…well, because I just love them so.
Landon is now a soccer player.
Drew is now a big baseball player. And apparently has forgotten how to give his mommy a decent smile.
Also this week and next we are pumping up our buddy class by giving them testing treats.
My kiddos write a message of encouragement each day on the back of the tag.   If you want these tags, you can get them from my friend Hope by clicking here.
My school also always does an OAA(Testing)  assembly.  This year it was Gangnam Style.
Besides it was quite hilarious.  Teacher’s translated the words, and of course they translated into testing strategies.  All the teachers broke out in dance.  We were also joined by Justin Bieber.  I actually had 2 little sweeties in tears, because they were so excited that Justin came to school.
This week was all about place value practice. This game required adding multiples of 10 to any number between 10 and 100.
 This week’s unit was on force and motion.  And of course…I always find a poem to match.
 Our “Wall of Wow” with some really great center work.
 Because our theme was “Force” We did “May the Force be With You” Centers.  I found these Star Wars Easter eggs in the Easter section for 90 percent off.  I cut up our 5 sight words, put them in numbered eggs and my students unscrambled the word, wrote it with pencil, crayons, and markers.  They also had to write a sentence with that word.
This was their listening center.
We’ve also been working on Questioning.
Adapted from Beth Newingham’s Posters.
I promise I’ll be back soon with more, but I have seriously…NO LIE!…fallen asleep about twelve times while writing this post. This pillow might be appropriate for me.
Hopefully this post didn’t put you to sleep as well.  HUGS!
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7 thoughts on “It’s Friday Y’all!”

  1. Thanks for the Boston shout out… we are SO glad that they just caught him! Also, I love your Justin Bieber assembly… so fun!

    Mary {from Boston}

  2. Ha ha, I see Math Investigations games! 🙂 Our school uses that as well, with a lot of supplementing, of course!

    Love that Justin Bieber came to your assembly! We don't test until mid-May, which is really LATE this year. I'm not sad about it though. I guess I better start thinking about what I'm doing for my testing buddies? 🙂

    Blooming In First

  3. I love the thin and thick questions! That is such a good way to put it to get the kids to think a bit harder about what they are reading. Thanks for the idea!


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