Sunday Festivities!

Hey friends! Sorry for the lack of blogging. Last week was a week!  It was one of those weeks where if things could go wrong, they did.  I have been working hard to finish units and be a good teacher in the midst of chaos. So I hope you all bear with me.

Last week we were busy preparing for our upcoming Mother’s Day Tea.  I took quite a few ideas Drew’s sweet preschool teachers. They put on a precious tea a few years ago, so we are running with their ideas.

Here we are making vases with fingerprints. 
We’ll put our flower craft that we’ll make with our mommies in these vases.
 These are teacups we decorated to put on placemats for the big day.
 We are creating a big book to read to our mom’s at the tea.  This is from Cara’s precious unit
 We’ve also been working on our Mother’s Day books.  I love these every year! 
Our Mother’s Day tea will be this Thursday. I’ll be sure to post pictures.  I’m super excited. 
This week we’ll be learning about plants.  I love a good schema chart and my friend Cara reminded me that this would be a great way to start our unit.  So I made this tonight.  
I also made a mini book for my books center. You can grab it by clicking below.
I made a sight word center as well.  Hope you can use it.
And for those of you waiting…
I PROMISE, even if I don’t sleep to finish this pack. I’m very excited about what I got accomplished today.  So kindergarten teachers, hold tight.  This will be finished by tomorrow. Just in time for the big sale! 
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4 thoughts on “Sunday Festivities!”

  1. Those books are really cute! Is there a special way to copy them so that the pages come out in the right order? I'm trying to see from your picture but I cant figure it out… thanks!


  2. Cute ideas….love the finger print vases!!! What kind of paint did you use? Thinking of an end of the year girt for parent volunteers. They'd love those with some flowers….


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