Christmas in July: Day 4

So can y’all believe it’s July 10th? I’m about to have a mild heart attack.  I have about 5 projects in the works and time is ticking. I’m feeling a little bit of anxiety. That may also be because I’m at day 7 of no Diet Coke.  You heard that right. This girl was drinking Diet Coke like it was going out of style.  So I’m detoxing and I may lose my mind in the process. Just sayin!
Of course these two monkeys are keeping me busy!
Besides, it’s been raining here daily. And let me just tell you how white this girlfriend is! We took our vacation early, where it rained and now we’ve been sitting under clouds. SADVILLE. So yesterday when we saw sun, we ran out the door and to the Cincinnati Zoo.  My kids fit in there perfectly.
Two little boys and rainy days= WILD ANIMALS!!
(There faces are painted if you were wondering what was up with my children’s faces.)
As y’all know today is the fourth day of Christmas in July.
And on the 4th Day of Christmas your fabulous blog gives to you:
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My awards are also so much fun and I guarantee you that at the end of the year I’ll be going to the dollar store and adding a lot more, so grab them now.
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