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I am linking up with Blog Hoppin’ to tell you all about me!  Although I’ve been around for awhile so you’ve probably heard enough.  But here it goes!
 Besides, I’m sure you all know that I have two precious boys that
keep me all sorts of busy. First off, Drew is 6 and Landon is 3.  Drew is our shy, rule follower who loves baseball and Landon
is our outgoing, “what is a rule? “ wild child.  My oldest, Drew, will be a first grader this year, so it will be
exciting to see him learn what I am teaching, and Landon will be in preschool.
Also, heaven help his teacher. In addition, here they are helping in my classroom. 
And here they are this summer.

 I’m married to Travis, a police detective. He’s been the
love of my life for 18 years. Furthermore, we met at the local grocery store where he
worked. And I was 16 and I begged my mom to go grocery shopping at least 4 times a
week, just so I could see him. I knew he was the one.  Then, he asked me out and after 8 years of dating, we got married.
Next, we’ll celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary in November.  So, technically I’ve been with him for
more of my life than I’ve been without him. 

In addition, we also have an English Bulldog named Gus. Yes, my husband wanted
an English Bulldog for years. He’s our second. He slobbers and can’t breathe in
the heat, but they sure are cute, in their own way. 
Besides, here is Gus after Landon decided to give him blue Gatorade.
I am also blessed to have two wonderful parents. Like THE
BEST.  In addition, my mom watches my boys and
has since they were babies. I don’t know what I’d do without them.  Later, they also gave me an annoying little
brother who I’m pretty sure I told them to take back when I was 3. Even
though he’s no longer little, he can still drive me crazy. But I will keep
My Daddy
This is my mommy and my hubby
My brother and the poor girl he tricked into marrying him.

So, my classroom is my second home, so I’m a little obsessive. In addition, things that aren’t appropriate colors do not enter.  Besides, I won’t hang an anchor chart that isn’t cute and bad handwriting freaks me out! I’m still working, so I won’t be linking up with the classroom tour tomorrow. But I thought I’d show you what was done so far.




I’ve had such a fun summer and went on a bunch of fun getaways. First we went to Disney.


Then I went to the lake with my girlfriends from school. It was such a blast! But, I’ll save you from our crazy pictures.

Then my hubby and I spent last weekend in DC. Besides, it was so much fun and a great getaway. It was my first time at Ford’s Theatre, 

 Highly recommend the Mandarin Oriental if you stay in D.C.
And here we are on George’s back porch.

Finally, we just returned from the lake today. We loved boating and spending time outdoors.


In addition, my family loves watching Duck Dynasty and my guilty pleasures are The Real Housewives and pretty much any trashy reality television show.  
Yes…we have the band-aides.
 Drew and Landon’s favorite guys. 

Also, I hate clutter and put things away all of the time, but I can never find
where I put them. I am super book smart and creative, but I lack common sense.
Thanks goodness for a husband who has enough common sense for both of us.  

I’m a shopaholic. Shopping online, shopping in the mall, daily Target trips….I have problems. Besides, I love a bargain, but I’ve been known to have an obsession with Michael Kors.  I might have a purse, or twenty. 


I have never eaten seafood, the thought of it creeps me out.
The only fish I like are Swedish fish.
But I do love trips to the beach and the lake. I’ll swim with them, just
as long as I don’t have to eat them. I love pizza, any fruit and could live without chocolate for the rest of my life.  
Well, that’s me in a nutshell.  Can’t wait to spend Teacher Week with you. 
Michelle Oakes

Michelle Oakes

Wife, mom of 2 boys and a bulldog, reading specialist, Target frequenting lover of fashion, home decorating, Cincinnati girl.

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