I was ready for spring about three snow days ago. While I do love a good day to snuggle with my boys, I would really love a full week where I could actually fit in everything I plan. I’m so sorry I haven’t been keeping up with photo and fun ideas, but when you miss two days a week, all you try to do is cram in everything and catch up.

Last week, I planned a ton of fun our Mitten Unit. And, of course…I got about half completed.  My students loved the book and especially the retelling and Reader’s Theatre.  But I was also amazed at how well they did when learning dictionary skills.

First we looked through the book to find verbs that described how the animals moved.
 Then we chose a few verbs to look up in a beginner’s dictionary.  We helped out 2nd grade by talking about guide words and wrote definitions.  Besides,  they used the word in a sentence. Because this was our first attempt, this was all guided by me, but my kids did all most of the work.

This week I’m hoping for lots of Valentine fun with no interruptions.  This week we’ll be reading, Love, Splat! And I do love that Splat.  I created a small shared reading unit for the book.  Today we talked about predictions.  After I reminded my kiddos of the importance of predicting, we read the first few pages and they made their predictions.  There predictions were precious.

I’m excited tomorrow to hit inferencing and the standard on identifying phrases that suggest feelings. This book is great for those standards. If you need a cute book and some companion activities that are common core aligned, you can grab this unit on sale through tonight. It’s a bit smaller than my other units and therefore cost less. If you bought it last night, I’ve made a few changes so download it one more time.
I’m hoping to have lots of pictures for you from this week. I’m excited for our Valentine Economics lessons and the rest of this little unit. And hopefully I’ll have time for Cara’s cute craft as well.
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