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   Have y’all been shopping the TpT sale? I have, of course. Me shop??? No way!  If you are anything like me, you are not only thinking about what you’ll be doing for the next 3 weeks, you are also thinking about next year.  Don’t be embarrassed, you know you are planning for next year. Because as much as we all can’t wait to spend a summer recuperating, we also are equally excited about a fresh start and how we’re going to kick a little teacher butt next year and be even better.  That’s what makes teachers AMAZING! I just love y’all!!!
  I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite products to finish off the year, as well as some things that are really working for me.  Some are my products, some are just amazing products by my teacher friends.  So here they go: 
This first product is one of my favorite creations of all time.  I really wanted a way to celebrate my kiddos and their differences.  Giving everyone a candy bar or the same old certificate just didn’t seem special to me.  I wanted something my kiddos would get excited about.  They love my treasure chest because it’s the Dollar Tree in a box, so I thought it would be fun to buy them each something from the Dollar Store that would represent something about their personality.  
1. I get to go shopping!
 2. They get something fun!
 3. They are just cute and a fun way to end the year.  
This product was a top 10 best seller last year and everyone who used them, loved them. In fact the parents were most impressed. They come in color and black and white and all are editable, so you can easily type in the child’s name and the date and your ready to go.  
The next two products were also in the top 10 on TpT’s List.  A few years ago I decided to take the Common Core and create activities and printables for my students to practice over the summer.  My pack has never been just a bunch of worksheets, but activities that really help them practice the standards. These packs also includes a leveled reading list of popular books for your student’s parents to help them find appropriate texts for their children to read during the year.  
Here are few pictures of the kindergarten to first pack.  I actually bound it into a book that my own kiddo could take on the go as we traveled during the summer. It was 2 dollars to bind it at Staples.  For my student I copy and staple their books.  
 This is what is included in my summer packs. These are samples from the Kindergarten Review.
If you are thinking about next year and your sick of thinking about morning work, check out my morning menus. These activities are easy to manage and do a spiral review of the Common Core for grade 1.  My kiddos love them! If you grab the bundle, it’s already discounted, so you’ll be getting a great deal for the whole year.  These are also great to be used for your fast finishers.  Never hear, “what do I do now?” again.  
 One of the best printable sellers of all time on TpT are my helpers. I would never have imagined how much they have saved my life.  Just say, “Check your Helper!” Not only do these replace the huge desk nameplates that your kids never use, they also help you from spelling every word, but also save space while providing your kiddos with all the info they need. 
Another pack to help you save space is my anchor chart pack.  You can grab my Read Like a Rockstar Anchor chart pack.  These save space and help you introduce all the major reading comprehension skills needed in grades K-3
Finally, speaking of rock stars, this product is something I won’t live without. I absolutely love Cara’s Fluency packs.  If you don’t have them, buy them now.  They are so great for intervention.
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