End of Year Prep

  Tomorrow is our formal awards ceremony, as well as the day I give out my classroom awards. So today I made a trip to the Dollar Tree to find everything I needed to make awards.  If you have my Dollar Store Superlatives I found a few new items to replace the items I couldn’t find today.  That’s what I love about these end of year student awards, there are so many possibilities.
Dollar Tree Loot
A couple of the items I originally suggested either weren’t at my Dollar Tree this time or I found things I liked better.  Here are a few examples:
Last Year I used a kite, but the kites were slim pickings, so I bought this glider plane for my sweet Kenneth. (Last names have been smudged out.)
Last year I bought a magic kit, but this year they had these Rubik’s cubes called Magic Cubes. It’s very mathematical, so thought it would be perfect.
I suggested Pop Rocks or a book, but I thought this little guy might prefer this rock kit instead.
In addition to awards I also had to get my end of the year slideshow completed. Burning 23 DVDs was what I did this afternoon after the pool.  So glad to be finished! I love to use the Jack Johnson songs, “We’re Going to be Friends” and “Better Together”, as well as “Let Them Be Little.”  So sweet and fun to watch all the activities we completed this year.

Tomorrow’s project will be to put together my summer review packs for all my sweeties.

Are you all ready for summer?

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