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Holy Moly! I just looked at the date of my last post and I stink y’all.  I’m so sorry.  This life gets so busy sometimes and I can’t even breathe.  In fact, I was teaching yesterday and was overcome with such horrible pain, I could hardly breathe, so I left to have the ER check me out.  It just so happens this teacher mama had a kidney stone on conference day. So we got that all diagnosed and rushed back to school for my conferences.  I mean who has time to be sick? But I’m back in action and here with my 5 for Friday

Furthermore, after break we’ll go back to 3 weeks of celebrating the holidays.  I’m getting ready now.  These holiday products below are all 20% off for the weekend.
I’m especially excited about my Merry, Merry Mistletoe centers.  They are differentiated and there are several levels for each center.
I posted my conference form on instagram and had some requests to share it. If you’d like the form, click below.
Every year our sweet counselor Mr. Kist heads up Everybody Counts week.
First grade always learns about being blind.
We learned about Braille and Mr. Kist makes all of their names in braille.

They also learned how to guide each other to complete a task.

They did not find it easy when they couldn’t see.

Trying to identify objects.

When we return from break we’ll be doing our Holiday Express Unit. I’ve done this for the past 14 years and its one of my favorite times of year.  Below are my plans for the next two weeks.
I’m also pretty excited to have our elf join us again this year.  My elf unit listed above will be put to good use our first week back. I also love the ideas Maria of KinderCraze shared last year. She made the experience magical for her sweeties and I can’t wait to do the same.  If you want to some cute elf activities this unit is on sale.
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