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Hello Friends,
    Well thank goodness for Miss Natalie from What the Teacher Wants because I haven’t blogged in a hundred years and she finally gave me something to blog about. I’m linking up with her Summer Bucket List Linky.  
Besides, to be honest, this summer has started off kind of crazy and not all that much fun. We are selling our sweet home and quite honestly, keeping a home nice and tidy with two little boys and a bulldog on a daily basis, is just a plain nightmare! We’ve been fortunate enough to have lots of showings, but that also means leaving my home most of the day. Hence the no blogging, because I’m never home.  This moving thing is quite stressful, but I’m staying hopeful it will all work out and we’ll be able to build our dream home soon.  
I’m also not sure if y’all know, but I will no longer be in first grade. So not only am I moving homes, I’m also moving classrooms. I had to say bye, bye to my nice ginormous room and hello to a tiny space I’ll be sharing.  It does mean that I’ll be changing up the decor and creating a new set of decor for my classroom.  In addition to a new classroom, I will have a new position as the reading specialist/literacy coach for my school. This means this summer I’ll be making lots of interventions and things for the teachers in my school to use.  I’m excited for the challenge but also feeling behind and summer’s just begun.  
So, now on to my summer bucket list. 
In addition to this bucket list, I have a little bucket list freebie I made a few years ago I thought I’d link. I used it will my own kids and you might want to use it with yours.  
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