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As you all may know, I moved after 14 years in the first grade, to reading specialist for our school and literacy coaching for our newer teachers.   So my mind is constantly thinking of books, word work and more.  I created a resource a couple of years ago for myself and other teachers who were teaching guided reading, reader’s workshop or writer’s workshop.  It’s  a resource to keep you organized and also to aide a tool for planning and and keeping track of all your students. It’s a fan favorite favorite pack.  
 Here is a VIDEO of what is included. It is made in both half sheet and full sheet versions. 
Another part of my job is to help our parents work with their children on reading.  To do this we had a literacy night.  As part of this night we had our wonderful PTO provide pizza to our families to start the night.  After dinner our parents were able to go to several different sessions of their choosing.  
One of the sweetest darn families you’ll ever meet! 
 Some sweet teachers who volunteered to help lead sessions. 
 We had 2 “Reading at Home” info sessions. We led one for primary and one for intermediate.  Here parents learned all the ins and outs of reading at home. Strategies for decoding, comprehension, and how to choose books.  During these sessions, we need parents full attention. Therefore, they dropped their children off in the kids reading room.  The kids played BINGO for books, read in igloos and decorated bookmarks.  
When parents were finished with the info sessions, they went and got their kiddos and went to word work sessions where they learned ways to  help their children at home with word work, spelling, vocabulary and sight words.  All the activities that did or games played were things that could be easily recreated at home. 
I’ll be sharing more literacy ideas and some freebies soon. So stop back.  
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  1. Hi,
    I am thinking about hosting a family literacy night at my school. I love your post with all your tips. Do you have a link with the word work activities that you did with your families or any of the resources you used?
    Thanks in advance.


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