Five For Friday, April 15th

 Do you chirp? If you don’t you need to go download this app asap! 
So, in our school we are lucky enough to have iPad carts. I love using technology, even now that I’m a reading specialist. This week my third graders were reading Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  My poor kids have been tested to death, and the last thing I want to do is test them more on the books they are reading. But, I do need to know if they remember what they read, understand the vocabulary and can infer.  So I ran to Kahoot to see if anyone had a fun quiz for us to use.  If you don’t know what Kahoot is, you can check it out here. It’s a great way to assess student knowledge while they think they are playing a game.  The only problem was, Kahoot’s web address wasn’t bookmarked on our iPads, so I would have to enter the address on 25 iPads, or have 3rd graders do it, and it might take the whole class time.  
I wanted to quickly send out the link to my students in our multi-device room.  So I used Chirp! It’s amazing. I merely took one iPad, opened the app, added the link and sent out a “Chirp”. The kids iPads, hear the chirp and they immediately received the link. They then clicked and were taken to, where they were ready to play.  Less than three minutes! 
More about Chirp:
  • All devices in the room have the Chirp app downloaded onto them.  
  • Have all devices open the Chirp app
  • The instructor (or the sender) selects the desired image or linke and presses the yellow button to “Chirp” it out to all within range
  • All within range will receive the image or link 
That’s it. A simple way of sharing links and images to the class.  


 Did you see that Erin Condren is having a huge sale? Teacher Planners are 25% off and Life Planners are 50% off. I’m jumping on this sale. You can click below to grab a planner too. 
 Mother’ Day is just around the corner and my Mother’s Day Tea is something I’m REALLY going to miss now that I’m not in my own classroom. We always had the best time and our mommies loved it so.  
 Everything you need for the perfect Mother’s Day Tea is below. 
Here are two of my new favorite places to shop. I ordered quite a few things before vacation from these sites and loved everything! It also shipped so quickly.
We’ve been trying to master our sight words in both my first grade and second grade groups. We only have 6 weeks left before summer. Here are a couple of pictures of my sweet little friends using Kahoot and playing musical sight words. 
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