What’s Your Name?

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Our first full week back our theme is names. We only have two days the week before and I like to spend plenty of time, practicing and celebrating the names in our classroom.

The poem we use this week, is Everybody Has a Name. It’s a super cute poem I found my first year of teaching. I find almost all my poems HERE at CanTeach Poems and if I can’t find one, I write one.
This week we also focus on the book Chrysanthemum.
There are so many great things you can do with this book.
I’ve created a unit of activities that are fun and hit several standards. Here are a few:
Here are some other fun name activities for the week:
After reading, The Name Jar we’ll be making these fun name tags stating why their names are special.  They’ll be hung up after we cut them out. 
 We’ll be making words with the letters in their first and last names.
 After decorating their names, we’ll cut the sheet in half and display all student’s names in alphabetical order.
We’ll also do this cute sheet from my friend Mel.
Want the name freebies pictured above? You can grab them by subscribing below.

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To see my full lesson plans for this week, download the plans below and click on the images.  
To find more back to school ideas visit my pinterest board below.

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