The Last Week of School


If you are still plugging along in the classroom, 1. Sorry (I can’t imagine seeing everyone’s beach photos while still being in the classroom) 2. I know what that last week is like. I am telling you, on the last day we were all packed up and down to some crayons and paper plates left in a cabinet. You will get through.   Our last week,  I wanted it to be fun and keep the kiddos engaged and learning down to the last minute, or at least the second to last day.  

   Theme days seemed the easiest and most fun. So here is a peek of some of our theme days:
We started our day with some flashlight reading.  It was such a quiet 45 minutes, but I will say my kids have built a love for reading like no other. I am thankful for workshop and the stamina my kids have built. They beg for silent/partner reading.  If I didn’t stop them, I guarantee this time could have been extended. 
 Next my kiddos made S’mores trail mix. While my kiddos were making trail mix they went off and did their memory books and this cute camping Mad Libs.  
 We also painted rocks I might have stolen from my front yard after I thought up this idea at 10:15 pm. 
 Kroger also had these gummy worms on sale for nothing, so I decided we would do a little math.  My kiddos practiced geometry standards, as well as repeated addition before chomping worms from our “camping trip”.  
And because I bought way too many marshmallows, my kiddos were given a STEM challenge to build a tower using marshmallows and toothpicks.  
Apparently, I took no photos this day, but it was fun.  Here are some of the fun bubble books you may want to read: 
 My kiddos had a bubble blowing contest, we had a bubble gum race with gum balls and straws.  I made a starting and finish line and when I said go, students blew their gum ball to help it roll over the finish line. It was hilarious.  I had videos and where they went, I have no idea, but his is a must do! 
We also made bubbles, blew bubbles, did bubble art and chewed gum all day.  
I love a good beach day.  
Students walked in and were greeted by 22 beach balls. At one point in our morning they used Sharpies to sign the beach balls.  Then we painted surfboard bookmarks. When they dried, I laminated them for them and they cut them out as summer bookmarks.  
 Also on sale were Swedish Fish, so I grabbed a bag for some more math fun.  Today we did fractions, multiplication, division, and story problems.  Students also played games on beach towels,  enjoyed popsicles.  

Here are some cute beach books: 
And here are my gifts to my kiddos. Personalized beach buckets with a book, candy, bubbles, pool ball, and some other fun items.  The paper includes a QR code and site to get our end of the year slide show.
Like I said, our last day we had little to work with.  It was the first movie we watched all year, kids colored on plates and had a blast making masks, etc.  You’d think I had given them gold.  We also had a glow dance party in the gym that was a huge hit.  It was really fun.  
 I hope this gives you a few ideas to end the year with a bang. 
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