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This month we’ve been working on our Mental Image unit. I’ve pretty much covered everything the fabulous Debbie Miller has suggested. As you can see in the picture above my students worked really hard on showing their mental images through pictures. In this activity, my students listened to several poems. They then chose one to read again and illustrate what they imagined. On day 2 they met with other students who read the same poem and compared their drawings. We came to the conclusion that different people have different mental images because we don’t all have the same SCHEMA! What a big word for such little people. 🙂
Below I’ve included links to (4) Mental Image Worksheets I’ve created. These are great sheets for Reader’s Workshop. Just click on the links below to download.
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12 thoughts on “Mental Images”

  1. Thank you so much! I've been working on mental images throughout the year with my kiddos and I think it's a great idea to discuss how we don't all have the same mental image!

    We last read poems from "Behold the Bold Umbrellaphant" by Jack Prelutsky. It worked great for mental imagery.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your worksheets! They look great and I can't wait to use them and do a unit with them 🙂
    Do you have a list of storybook recommendations that would help students create mental images in their minds?

    P.S. Don't know if you tried this, but the song "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong is great for having students create mental images. You can even have them create a beautiful artwork using watercolors while they listen to the song and draw their mental images…come to think of it, you could even make a whole unit on "What a Wonderful World" and tie in recycling, arbor day, earth day, etc. Just an idea! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for these great, clear worksheets. I also appreciated the list that you shared with all of the mentor picture books. I refered to both on my post for parents about mental images at Thanks again!


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