Getting My Groove Back

Lord only knows if I had a groove to lose, but all I know is I lost every bit of ambition I had left in my body.  My ability to look at my computer screen for more than a nano second and any creativity I may have had were gone! 

And friends, it’s a darn good thing I’m getting it back…because I only have a gobzillion things that have to be done before the end of the year school year and there are only 12 1/2 school days left.  Can I get an AMEN! 

So I’m going to get my brain back, finish my little picnic unit for you all, remember to take my camera to school (totally forgot it on field day!), share some fun little end of the year activities and post a really awesome giveaway soon! 

Stay tuned sweet friends…there is more to come! 
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Michelle Oakes

Wife, mom of 2 boys and a bulldog, reading specialist, Target frequenting lover of fashion, home decorating, Cincinnati girl.

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