Lettering Delights

I know a lot of you love to use Lettering Delights fonts, graphics and alphabets. After my post about how to purchase their graphics for commercial use, I had several questions about their terms of use.  

I can honestly say I wasn’t quite sure about their terms, as everything I’ve made for sale or share has been with commercial use products. So, I emailed them to better understand.  

According to their terms of use, non-commercial images, alphabets and fonts can be used for personal use only. By sharing or redistributing items made with their products, even for free, you are no longer using them in the manner for which they were purchased and it violates the terms of use. 

Long story short: In order to make anything with their products that you would like to share/giveaway or sell, you must purchase the commercial use version.  

Hope this answers all of your questions! If you want to purchase any of their commercial graphics click below. 

Free Product
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  1. It took me forever to figure out that you can filter your search to only find product available for a commercial license. I was emailing them about every product I wanted to buy until I finally found out how to filter.


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