50 Day Fun!

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   So, I’ve been having some bloggy withdrawals, but life here has been CUH-RAZY! I love the holidays and all of the fun that goes along with it, but man is this teacher tired.  Top that, with another late night full of conferences this week, and this girl is spent! Turkey day needs to find it’s way here asap! 
   Yesterday was a super fun day though. It was our 50th day of school.  What a great way to teach students about life in the past.  We had a blast.  If you haven’t purchased Cara Carroll’s 50th Day Unit, YOU MUST. It is the cutest darn unit, you have ever seen.  That girl is a GENIUS and this unit is my favorite, by far.  You’ll use every bit of it.  I’m doing it all this week.  
   We learned about life in the 50’s.  In addition, we watched a cute little “then and now” powerpoint, comparing things like cars, clothes, telephones, music players and hairstyles.  We also watched this episode of Leave it to Beaver. It was perfect for showing life back then.  We could see the difference in school, dress, the use of a typewriter, etc. My kiddos loved it! After learning lots about life in the 50’s we completed a venn diagram.  
  We followed that with a little bubble gum blowing, hula hooping, twisting fun! We also had some of these!
 What a blast from the past.  We’ll continue with more this week. I’m super excited.  Below are pictures from our 50th day, as well as a listening center I cooked up for centers this week! Cara took care of the rest! 

50’s Listening Center
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  1. It looks like you had so much fun! I really, really wanted to that this week! Yesterday was our 50th day, but we're trying to finish our reading theme by Christmas. Sooooooo. I can live vicariously through you! So, thanks!


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