Halloween Fun Time!

Are you all ready for the chaos that is Halloween? If I’m still alive after a party, sugared up little people, conferences and an awards ceremony, then it may just be one HUGE miracle.  Oh..my..word.. I better get some rest this weekend.  
This week we’ve been reading some spooky Halloween stories.  We followed them up with a cute craft and writing assignment.  You can check out our fun below.

First we read a few stories with haunted houses. Then we brainstormed what you would see, hear and how you’d feel in a haunted house. We followed it up with a cute little writing prompt and created haunted houses.  

Today we read, “The Ghost’s Dinner.” 
Those crazy ghosts eat all kinds of food, which turns them colors.  
Before reading, we brainstormed what we thought ghosts might like for dinner.

Then the kiddos chose a food and colored their ghost accordingly.  
After decorating the ghosts they wrote about what their ghost ate.
(My ghost at donuts for dinner. He turned brown.)
(My ghost at watermelon for dinner. He turned green and pink.)

Tomorrow we’ll be doing a cute little sequencing activity with There was an Old Witch.
I’ll post pictures soon! 
Have Friday Eve Friends!
Michelle Oakes

Michelle Oakes

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