Too Many Pumpkins and More

This week we are reading a Halloween themed book each day and completing a cute little creativity and other activities that correspond.  Yesterday we read, Jeb Scarecrow’s Pumpkin Patch and did a cute little scarecrow glyph.  

Today we had ourselves a little pumpkin party. If you’ve never read Too Many Pumpkins, then you must check it out.  It’s a cute little story about Rebecca Estelle, who can’t stand pumpkins. One day a pumpkin truck drops a huge pumpkin in her yard and this leads to a patch full of pumpkins.  She ends up making tons of pumpkin treats and sharing them with the people in her town.  We read the book and followed it with a taste testing session of tons of pumpkin treats. Parents sent in pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin roll, seeds, pumpkin pancakes and more! I think we might have had a few pumpkin bellyaches! When we were finished, we voted for our favorite pumpkin food and analyzed the data.  

You can click here to see a copy of the letter I send home.

I also totally forgot to mention that I recently posted Halloween Math and Literacy Centers to TpT.  They are regularly $6.50 for 6 full color centers with assessment sheets, but for the rest of the week you can grab them for $4.00.  
Click the picture below to check them out.
Have a great week teacher friends! 

Michelle Oakes

Michelle Oakes

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